Memoritmo #1 : Milen Cyrus – Stay

Every time I hear this song, it brings back old memories of my mom. I remember suddenly getting sick, and Mom came far from home to take care of me. She slept in my dorm for about three nights. And that was the longest time

we’ve spent together. My mom, she was a single and working mom. She works like 18 hours a day. And we never had a chance to have some quality time together.

🎵 I’m alone and I feel empty. God I’m torn apart inside. Oh I miss you, I need you 🎵

The night we share our bed, I’m looking into her tired face. Why do we have to live like this? Sometimes I love her so madly, but other times I hate her so badly. I wish I could love her the way she is.

🎵 I’m lost here in this moment, but time keep passing by 🎵

Sixteen years old of me, feeling completely lost. I began to grope my way around to find an exit. I was lost, and I couldn’t think clearly. Everything just felt so heavy and wrong.

🎵 Well I try to live without you, the tears fall from my eyes. I’m alone and I feel empty, God I’m torn apart inside 🎵

I used to hate and ignore her, but I could never find peace within myself. It was pretty challenging to do good and think rationally during that time. The only thing I wanna do was to rebel and hurt her. But on the other side, I also felt deeply tormented.

🎵 But I’m coming home, I’ll be coming home. If you asked me I will stay, I will stay…🎵

I tried to make peace with the situation by letting go of my ego. I attempted to have a conversation with her again. And it felt so warm in my heart. I realized that no matter how big her mistakes were, I couldn’t hate her forever. Even though our relationship wasn’t always smooth, and no matter how far I went, I would always return to her embrace. Because that’s where I belong.

This song will always remind me of her.

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